Sharul Ariff was born and raised in a musical household. Both of his parents were into the nascent pop music movement of the ’70’s and ’80’s. His father particularly fostered a love for electronic music by introducing him to artists such as Jean Michel Jarre, Vangelis and Kitaro. His mother shared her love of Disco, Funk and Indian music.

Coming to Australia in the later part of the ’80’s he discovered Hip-Hop. Artists such as Epmd, Big Daddy Kane, Mantronix and a whole slew of East coast Hip-Hop labels fueled his passions even more. 

At about this time he began collecting records and by the mid 90’s he discovered an underground club called Filter that opened his audio senses even more. A couple of tiny record stores namely Synestheasia & Octave records in Prahran became a weekly pilgrimage to pick up records from Basic Channel, Profan, interr-ference etc.  In 1996 he purchased his first pair of turntables and set up a small boutique label called Dialect records. In 1998 Sharul moved to Tasmania to further his education and started a small avant-garde club in the city of Hobart at Salamanca square. In 2000 he returned to Melbourne and continued working in the hospitality industry. During this time he ran a boutique speak easy bar in the heart of Melbourne. He also was responsible for working with the Melbourne City Council and set up various club based events.   Over the years his record collection grew and so did his musical knowledge. Sharul studied the history of his famous musical heroes and began a quest to find the sonic differences between the countries and its region. Places such Cologne, Frankfurt, Michigan and New York became topics of hours of countless research in what gave these areas it’s signature sound.

In 2008 he bought his first piece of electronic kit and learned the beginnings of producing. In 2011 he fell in love with modular synthesis. 

JackFruit recordings is platform that houses and releases works by SubMission, R&D, A&A and various guests.